Schedule your Pour Painting Class

Facilitator Artist Wilhelmina Stöcker

Wilhelmina will share with you the ins and outs of Acrylic pour painting.

You will be able to see how the perfect mixes come together, and 3 paintings will be created on location by Wilhelmina to teach you the different techniques

Duration: 1 1/2 hours

Cost: $50

You will create two paintings, One 14-11”/12-12” canvas and one 8×10” canvas or one 16×20” canvas.

All materials are included. Bring a towel/box to transport your wet paintings home!

Register by payment on PayPal/Zelle;, or Facebook.

Contact Wilhelmina to schedule your private group event in a well ventilated area south of Guthrie, Oklahoma.

Teen & Tween’s Online Art Classes

Classes are facilitated online until further notice – we are an official Epic Vendor

Weekly online painting classes facilitated by artist Wilhelmina Stöcker.  For almost 3 decades, Wilhelmina has been exploring and improving her painting skills. Her love for art is felt and seen when you encounter her paintings.

During these classes students will explore and improve their acrylic painting skills on canvas,  in a warm and fun atmosphere. Learn artistic techniques such as line quality, composition, shading, texture, personal expression, color, art history, realism, abstraction, and more!

There is a video available that will inform you about the needed materials and store recommendations. This video will be send to you upon registration. Stencils will be available and send to you by email, when needed.

Classes take place Wednesdays from 1pm – 3pm.

During every class one new painting is created. You can create your own or copy the example. Topics varies per month. Classes are both pre-recorded as live streams via Zoom.

Classes will start when minimum of 4 students are reach. Sign up today!

Schedule of Classes:

September’s Topic: Abstracts

October’s Topic: Nature Scenes

November’s Topic: Galaxy

Closed in December

January’s Topic: Animals

February’s Topic: Flowers

March’s Topic: Mythical Creatures

April’s Topic: Sunrise/sets

May’s Topic: Portraits

$75 per month or pay $20 per class.

We are an official Epic Vendor.

A registration fee of $20 needs to be paid when you enroll for monthly/yearly classes.

Students/parents are responsible for payment if the required fee is not available in your learning fund account. You can register online, and online payment of the $20 registration fee is required to reserve your spot. Payable via Paypal/Zelle/Venmo;

A waiver and registration form will be send to your email, upon receipt of your registration fee.

Contact Wilhelmina to get registered; or call her at 405 887 9555.

New Life Art & Wellness Center, Guthrie 

Are you interested in mindfulness paint classes or paint classes for younger kids? Contact Wilhelmina for further details. 

Paint Classes for Adults:

Classes are facilitated in Guthrie, Oklahoma.

Wilhelmina is a self-taught artist. She started her artistic exploration at young age, and will teach you her unconventional skills in a peaceful environment. 

Select/mention the type of painting (see below) you would like to create in the class you are scheduling. ! One type of painting per class, for the entire class!

Send in an image of what you would like to create, and you will receive an email within 1 day, about the possibilities.

Cost varies depending on type of art / canvas used materials; starting at $35

Duration: 1 1/2 hour per first class

When additional classes are scheduled to finish the painting, cost will be $25 per hour, regardless of canvas size for groups, and $75 per 1 1/2 hour for individuals – canvas not included. 

5-hour packages are offered for individuals (canvas not included); $300

Individual classes and group classes are available (minimum of 4 participants required for groups). Don’t have a group of 4? Register, and you will be contacted when the required minimum is reached.

Prices for paint classes include selected canvas, paint and use of materials required (paint/brushes/easel etc.). Varnishing the finished product is an option, not a requirement; cost is not included in price.

1. Silhouette of nature scenery with/without animal/human included.

2. Detailed animal portrait.

3. Abstract; Learn about Wilhelmina’s experience and insights & create your own.

4. Pour Painting class; Learn about the mediums, do’s and don’ts and watch Wilhelmina’s demonstrations of various techniques before creating yours.

5. Dutch Flow painting class; Learn about “Dutch” Flow paintings & create your own.

6. Embellishment on Pour/Flow Painting; bring your finished & dried pour painting, and learn how to create amazing embellishments.

7. Embellishment on Abstract Painting; bring your finished & dried abstract painting.

Contact Wilhelmina to schedule a class!