What do you see today?

The Art of Abstract Acrylic paintings, by Wilhelmina

The beauty of Abstract paintings is the endless fuel that is available, to embark on a journey of your imagination. What do you see today? What will you see tomorrow? It’s like a window with a view that alters, as your focus alters. Drawn to the beauty of shapes and colors, our mind and heart translates the visions,  whenever you allow your creative self to step forward and explore the world of endless expressions.

Wilhelmina’s paintings tell you a story. Silence your mind and feel the depth of all depths as it shares wonders beyond ones imagination.

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Title: Muse – 48-48″ Gallery Wrapped Canvas


Title: Beyond the Surface – 48-60″ Gallery Wrapped Canvas


Title: Window to the Soul – 48-60″ Gallery Wrapped Canvas

Series: Inner Depth – Title: In Between – 36-36″ Gallery Wrapped Canvas.

Finding yourself within the calm before the storm, helps you handle the storm within the power and love that’s you.

In Between..where there is nothing, yet everything; Re-discover your Truth 💜

Series: Inner Depth – Title: Universal Bliss – 36-36″ Gallery Wrapped Canvas.

Connect with the universe as you allow pure silence to infiltrate your mind. Rediscover your true rhythm, as you wander among the stars.
Positively enhance, nurture, love, and motivate Self, as you enter Universal Bliss.
Just because you can.

The Desert series trio Oasis, Mirage & Endurance.

Journeying through life Endurance is required. On our path we encounter many illusions – Mirage – but in the end we will find our destination, our home, our true Oasis.

Series: Desert – Title: Oasis – 36-36″ Gallery Wrapped Canvas.

Series: Desert – Title: Endurance – 36-36″ Gallery Wrapped Canvas.

Series: Desert – Title: Mirage – 36-36″ Gallery Wrapped Canvas.



Title: Development – Painted on Gallery-wrapped canvas, 30-40″


Title: Infinite Change – Painted on Gallery-wrapped canvas, 30-40″

Abstract 1Title: Clearing – Gallery-wrapped canvas, 20-20″


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 Title: Dragon Dance – Painted on Gallery-wrapped canvas, 24-36″