New Paradigm Series

The New Paradigm

Flying in the dark, with the moon to guide us, we fly into the direction we intuitively know is right, we fly as we trust, we trust as we know that where we are heading to, is giving us the next important reason to exist, within the beauty that surrounds us.

Even though we cannot see; we trust. Even though we do not know what will be next; we fly. Even though the next is not prepared upon; we know that what will be presented to us, is ours to embrace and act upon in our personal best way. Our personal best way that evolves, as we allow ourselves to evolve beyond measures anticipated before.

The new will be the ultimate strength of being, that only is there where believe is non-restrictive.
Wilhelmina McKittrick
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New ParadigmSold 

20171011_115645 Title: Serenity – $66

11-14″ Oval Canvas – painted sides; ready to hang. 

20171011_115724 Title: Confidence – $66

11-14″ Oval Canvas – painted sides; ready to hang.

20171014_074217_001 20171014_074251

Title: Cleansing – Sold

11-14″ Canvas – painted sides; ready to hang.


20171012_175625 20171012_175630 Title: Precision – $66

11-14″ Canvas – painted sides; ready to hang.

Be clear about where you are heading, be precise when stating your boundaries, goals and truth. May you soar high within your frequency as you witness and experience your path without limitations, just because you can.