This painting took a while to finish. I finished it in July of 2004. For some reason it was hard to finalize the wrinkles on its face. When finished the below poem was given to me in silence, along with the title of this painting: Motherhood. It made me understand, why the scars were hard to finish, as they represented the scars that have hurt the earth…


Mother of all mothers

Mother of all mothers, she has carried the burdens, the love, and the understanding

She holds the scars that have hurt the earth; as she grieves, she lives and carries onward and forward with sincere persistence and faith

Sadness fills her eyes; light fills her heart. The light is her fuel, the sadness are her lessons

Mother of all mothers

Lightworker and teacher of all life forms

Eagle Spirit1

In my mind a sense of awe needs to be felt, when finishing a painting. That is my sign, that tells me a painting has come to its completion. In the past, I was looking for improvement, techniques and ways to make the paintings look better. My mind – our biggest critic – kept me from seeing the depth and awe that was already there to begin with. Simply going with the given, taught me and is teaching me more than before.  The above painting was painted in a very short period of time, where the mind was not in control, and love and trust guided me, not knowing what would appear, no focus, just in touch with spirit, creating what was meant to be. After I was finished this painting, in March of 2005, the following title and poem came;

Eagle Spirit

When eagle spirit arose within me, she taught me about desire

Desire that was kindled within me, to set my soul on fire

To burn, to see my dignity, my strength, my spirit’s sun

To feel, to embrace humanity, in grace and within love, as true life had begun